Agri-food industry is the leading industrial sector in France in terms of turnover and employment ahead of both the aeronautics and automobile industries. It represents 13,000 companies of which 98% are SMEs with less that 250 employees.

For many years, this sector had not felt the need to undertake structured progress steps, because of its automation and lack of international competition. The precursors initiated their approach a decade ago, often thanks to executives coming from the automobile industry.

Today, companies in this sector now face major challenges :

  • Strengthening their competitiveness in local and international markets
  • Rapid innovation to cope with the change in food habits and to meet consumers expectations
  • Transparency towards consumers: products and production methods compliance, trackability
  • Improved distribution: focusing on short circuits, shifting from a low-price model to a perceived value model
  • Adapt to a distributor market that focuses and exerts a greater pressure

In your organisation, you may find that you need :


  • To visualize performance to support team action in problem-solving
  • Professionalize practices to make them robust, ensure the transmission of know-how and be able to be proud to open the doors of its factory to its consumers
  • Rethink the innovation process and control the consequences of marketing requirements on production

Our approach, based on 10 years experience in the agri-food sector, enables you to :

  • Enhance the performance, profitability and flexibiity of your production means: process and packaging (TPM, SMED)
  • Unite your teams in a process for progress and agility
  • Optimise « your end-to-end » development process
  • Improve your internal and external workflows