Apply a Lean or Six Sigma Approach

Apply a Lean or Six Sigma Approach

Using a Lean or 6 sigma approach is not the goal. Your aim is to get tangible measurable results and to get them consistently.
Historically speaking, Lean consists of obtaining the maximum added value from your organisation. Since 1955, Toyota, with the famous TPS*,  is the leader in organisational improvement. Consequently, for 20 years, they have been the leader  in terms of generating profits in the automobile industry. 6 Sigma, promoted by Motorola and highlighted by Jack Welch is interesting in terms of the approach to variability and the management of complex projects.
Our in-depth knowledge of TPS, Lean, Kaizen*, 6 Sigma and human coaching enables us to offer you a customized approach. Together we identify your needs, your priorities and implement pragmatic actions that achieve change. You’ll benefit from :

  • Quick results – in just a few short weeks – the demonstration phase.
  • Increased profitability – contributed from every area of your company – in 18 months to 3 years – the deployment phase.

Competent teams – Keep in mind, we want you to become independent and competent.  We’ll train your teams in depth to mastery so they can continue the work. We rally your teams and give them the ability to take company to lasting excellence.

* Kaizen : Kai = change, Zen = better, change for better. Continuous improvement.
*TPS : Toyota Production System, has been a world benchmark over the last 50 years .

1994 – our first Kaizen-Lean work
1998 – we commenced a 10-year partnership with Massaki Imai, specialized in the Toyota system.
2001 – We became certified in 6 Sigma

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