Digital/Start Up

New digital actors with rapid growth deeply changes business models.

In a few years Booking sells as many nights as the famous Accor group does.  Amazon does the same in the Retail by sharpening its logistics to achieve success. Industry or services, new or old products, any actor can meet with a strong success by re-thinking its activity with digital integration.

A lot are aware, but how can they proceed ? How can they practically use this lever ?

  • Listen better to customers. A good use of digital enables a good information catch at the good place, to be utilized immediately. Let’s see how to model and master your information flows.
  • Then, the experiment offered to the customer must be pleasant and bring immediate solutions. Let’s measure the Voice Of the Customer (VOC) to better meet their needs
  • Less is more, fully applies here. Spend less thanks to agile developments, short cycles, more frequent for a better fit and less waste. Let’s innovate together.
  • Responsiveness is vital. Ensuring efficient connections between information and physical flows is essential. Let’s settle innovating schemes.
  • The company grows by implementing information systems beyong its boundaries. How to integrate and communicate efficiently with suppliers,  customers and consumers ?

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