Discrete Manufacturing

The assembly industry has many different players whose aim is to deliver a functional and quality product, made from many components and sub-assemblies.

The need for business competitiveness is exacerbated, product life cycles are shortened, and market responsiveness becomes a differentiator.

You are confronted with various problems :

  • Optimisation of development processes
  • Improved flexibility of organisations and equipment
  • Reduction of Lead Time
  • Stream Simplification, inventory and work in progress reduction
  • Control of the supply of components and sub-assemblies
  • Process Synchronisation
  • Product Differentiation « At the latest  »
  • Optimisation criteria for allocation of products to equipment

We bring our extensive experience to help our customers achieve sustainable performance. We implement comprehensive approaches, using proven methods and tools :

  • Optimisation and synchronization of global flows across the entire Supply Chain
  • Obeya Development, Time to Market
  • Just-In-Time, Self-activation of Operations
  • Takt Time, flow readability
  • Team involvement, continuous improvement and performance

Our approach emphasizes team-building to gain involvement, transfer knowledge, and  sustain progress.

Our Customers are our Best Ambassadors

Discover their Feedbacks

Just-In-Time Line Project

OTD increased from 50 to 100% and 300% productivity gains

Lean Approach

Inventory and Work in Progress reduced 50%

Approach to Reliability of a New Product

Iterations reduced by 50%

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