Electonics Industry

Driven by the ‘internet of things’, the electronics industry (components, electronic cards and systems) enjoys solid growth.

The need for competitiveness is more important than ever, product life cycles are shortening.  Flexing and adapting to the market is key.

Your Challenges :

  • Optimisation of development processes
  • Organisational improvement and flexible equipment
  • Reduced Lead time
  • Stream simplification
  • Profitability of Equipment
  • Transformation to evolve from a culture of capacity to a culture of flow
  • Optimization of criteria for the allocation of products to equipment


To help our clients achieve sustainable performance, we use global implementation experience in combination with proven  methods and tools :

  • Optimization of global flows across the Supply Chain
  • Obeya Development, Time to Market
  • TPM
  • Takt Time, stream readability
  • Team involvement, continuous improvement and performance

Our approach and our way of progressing actions emphasizes participation, the transfer of knowledge, and the sustainability of progress.

Our Customers are our Best Ambassadors

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Global Support

15% productivity per year / 50% reduction in non quality costs


Lead Time decreased 60 days to 46 days / OTD reached 92%

Obeya Implementation

Development time reduced by 35%

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