Employ Agile Development

Employ Agile Development

Our Japanese colleagues mischievously assert that innovation is expensive and risky !
Toyota shows us an interesting way of quickly reinventing its products ; approximately 15 months are required to develop a new model – half the time of most of their competitors. Creativity is part of it, the hybrid for instance.
Like them you certainly want your development to :

  • Rapidly be available to the customers
  • Be redesigned* quickly following the first VOC* feedback
  • Continuously evolve in quality to stay ahead and,
  • be cost-effective- of course !

You know that the answer is Agile Development. You know that to differentiate and survive, companies :

  • Who offer a product must also develop associated quality services
  • Who offer services must rethink their offer based on the changes driven by new entrants into the market – new entrants like, Amazon, Aramisauto.com, Monalbumphoto, … And Booking.com (which records as many hotels bookings as Accor group) change the competitive landscape.
  • Start-ups have an additional challenge. They must have mature offers – MVP’s* – in order to challenge the existing competitors by proposing what was previously considered « impossible ».

In brief, Agile Development is not only key for your existing process development, but also to challenge existing products in the market.

*Redesign: is the cost-effective evolution of the product throughout its lifespan
*VOC : Voice Of the Customer
*MVP : Minimum Viable Product

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