Gain Efficiency from Your Equipment

Gain Efficiency from Your Equipment

The perfomance of your equipment directly impacts operating results. While your business is growing, you must be careful not to overinvest (CAPEX).  If your market is stable losses of all kinds will happen : raw materials, and time both  human and process time…
But there are other significant  impacts. High performance equipment avoids :

  • The multiplication of useless processes which increases space requirements and indirect costs.
  • The production and technical teams are scattered resulting in longer reaction time and lower productivity.
  • The flow of products are degraded due to increasing stock.
  • MSDs* can appear due to poor ergonomics in the means and modes of production.

Your process is the key for added value ; any non-performance proliferates. It must ensure :

  • Quality : through Poka-Yoke* – fail-safing or mistake proofing, feedback on processes
  • Quantity : with monitored OEE*, flexible equipment, and SMED*
  • Management : Production and mantenance are conceived at the development stage

We always prefer to help you in developing  processes that are the best designed and realised from the begnining.
Therefore the conception process* or factory design* are key steps in our strategy and support.
In reality, we often start by helping you increase the performance of you making existing performance, which saves unnecessary investment  and demonstrates the profits you may get by making your equipment perform from the design stage.

*MSD : musculo-skeletal disorders
*Poka-Yoke : an error prevention system, one of the 5 autoquality means
*OEE : Overall Equipment Effectiveness
*SMED : Single Minute Exchange of Die, methodology of rapid changeover in a manufacturing process
*Factory Design : to organize a factory in streams and shape its teams and management
*Conception process : to design a production line or equipment.

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