Challenge your System !

Our senior consultants act with you and your teams to support you in your continuous improvement process. We generally follow 6 key steps in the implementation and we offer two standard schemes for intervention :

  1. Deployment of a LEAN Approach

Your environment, challenges and your determination make you want to deploy a global approach to your company, your services… It is then a matter of permanently orienting the whole company in the search for the highest customer satisfaction. Our senior consultants are available to initiate the process or to support you in a process you’ve already begun. They will work with teams and management and will link between the company’s strategy (top down) and to actions on the ground (bottom up).

  1. Change Process

Step-by-step, your teams raise your company performance by implementing improvement projects in line with the deployment plan. Subject to challenges of change management, some of the improvement projects will require a particular method and attention.

Our senior consultants can assist your teams, providing support on projects with ambitious objectives and complex issues. We offer you our services such as Lean works with an average duration of three months. All our projects are Action oriented and take place on the GEMBA (« field » in Japanese) and include training, management/ground meetings and follow-up.

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