Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical sector is one in which fundamental change is taking place and which has to tackle new challenges :

  • Brand Image management to restore customer confidence
  • Improvement of environmental performance, including the reduction of the impact of production, but also products taking into account the entire life cycle
  • Intensification of global competition with the increase in the presence of generic drugs, the development of biotech, competition from emerging countries
  • Pressure on drug prices due to deficits in Health Insurance

We have developed specific approaches to the pharmaceutical world that allow you to :

  • Integrate the various departments (Regulatory Affairs, Marketing, Supply Chain, Production, Quality, etc.) in the steps to facilitate the global vision
  • Design flexible and agile plants that respond to rapid market developments
  • Re-examine in depth the end-to-end flows of your Supply Chain
  • Reduce time to market to give you a competitive edge
  • Organize laboratory work (Lab Management)
  • Create autonomous empowered work teams

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Factory Design Project

Gained 50% in Lead Time in comparison to existing factories

Products Design Project

Lead Time reduced 50%

Lean Laboratories Approach

Reducted deviations by 83%

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