Philippe Remy

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Founder of Progress Partners

Philippe created Progress Partners in 2006 with the goal of providing companies with the best practices to help them “survive”, and above all to enable them to achieve world-class growth. He has in particular supported teams in the automotive, aeronautics, electronics, food, and logistics sectors and in the dimensions of service as well.

His “fertile ground” comes from 10 prior years at the Japanese firm Kaizen® Institute, then a pioneer in the fields of Lean and Kaizen and known at the time for a precise and practical mastery of Toyota’s approaches. Hence his appetite for rapid and frugal innovation processes, optimum flows, pragmatic and motivational strategy rollouts. His initial experiences, in various industries all the way up to the role of site manager, were also particularly rich.

In 2017, he launched the Progress Partners incubator; by investing in Start-ups, by supporting 2 initial “gems” and by creating a subsidiary in the USA, in California.

My motto

«I always wondered what limits we should impose on ourselves or have imposed on ourselves? I didn’t find any, so I keep exploring farther »