Put the Customer at the Heart of your Company

Modèle de Kano

Noriaki Kano “Kano model”

Put the Customer at the Heart of your Company

As you know, the customer is the reason the company exists.
What’s more, through social networks and media, your customers are your best brand ambassadors.
Tomorrow, how will a company survive with a low NPS* or when customers complain about poor customer service online or on social networks?
Whether you deal B2B or B2C, your customers must be convinced that you « take care of them ». This is a vast subject. However, note the various ways to understand the needs and desires of customers that follow :

  • Not or sparsely optimized
  • Under-estimating the desired/needed quality

This leads to internal complexity, or even confusion resulting in the failure to meet basic expectations.
How do you react when a call centre representative doesn’t respond to your concerns and issues while the company bombards you with ads about their services and offers?
Until now, we’ve always believed in the predominance of the market over marketing.
The customer must be the focus throughout the entire value chain*, from product and service conception to after-sales service.
The challenge is not only to understand customer needs but also wishes as specified in the M. KANO model.
Our approach is to:

  • Change the organisation, both its processes
  • and its teams

to simply and accurately in real time take account customer expectations and then make certain that each department in your company is able to hear the ‘Voice of the Customer’ – VOC to understand the quality expectation.  We can work from two different but complementary perspectives: your concept and offer or your delivery model.

NPS*: Net Promoter Score
Value Chain* : where added value is successively or iteratively created: Innovation – Development– Production – Distribution and After-sales service
VOC*: Voice Of the Customer
Noriaki KANO*: founder of an innovation model

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