In order to face the recent changes due to the globalisation of industry and the uberisation of services, you are searching for means to upgrade or diversify your products.

You need to strengthen your ability to innovate and create, but also to reduce R&D costs and to increase your project portfolio.

Often the products or services put on the market are not at the right price, they don’t meet your customers’ expectations or they arrive too late.

Our experience has been built on references such as Toyota in Lean Engineering or Motorola in Six Sigma. We provide teams with the mind-sets, methods and tools to develop their R&D performance.

We have developed an innovative approach that integrates the Voice Of the Customer, the best practices of Lean Process Engineering and the Lean Product Development System and the excellence of DFSS or DFLSS approaches.

This approach enables to identify your Strengths and Opportunities for Progress. It helps you to avoid waste in your upstream processes. It also allows you to integrate your key suppliers in the development phases  and  to succeed in your Product and Process Design. Finally, it enables more efficient industrialisations and series production.

We also enable the development of the people and competencies that are closely linked to these approaches with the organization : team-building for development teams, Leadership, ability to negotiate with customers and strong synergy in simultaneous engineering. Our professional consultants and coaches have the experience to guide you through this.

Our Customers are our Best Ambassadors

Discover their Feedbacks

Lean Product Design

Reduced Investment and Design costs 25%

Lean Engineering Process

Reduced defects in prototype phase 50%

Global Support for Laboratories

Improved service rate 50%

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