Services, Banks and Insurance

Among Services, we identify :

On one hand, the tertiary organizations : Public Services, Banks, Insurance, Hospitals, Services, Commerce, e-commerce, web…

On the other hand, all Service activities in industrial companies : Trade, Marketing, Finances, Accounting, Purchases, Quality, IT, Human Resources.

Over the last ten years, Lean Six Sigma approaches have been used in Services activities. Your sector is significantly different from industry. In high IT equipped environments, there are big progress potentials to meet the customer satisfaction, productivity and teams involvement.

In this Big Data era, data are more and more numerous and available. However, very few organisations are equipped to quality wise use this asset with efficiency.

You certainly notice that :

  • Same issues always occur again and again
  • Decision-making of management is based on misinterpretation of data
  • Strategic orientations do not reach the expected results


Where immaterial flows prevail, where hidden outstandings often stagnate, we developped a Services approach specific to your environment.

Our innovating approach enables you :

  • To really integrate the Voice of Customer in your organisations beyond the simple measurement of NPS.
  • To identify the real Added Value in all your processes, to develop the teams will and autonomy in always reducing works with no added value.
  • To improve drastically and sustainably your flows by integrating the approaches of Takt Time, One Piece Flow, flexible capability, activity smoothing, quick series change, visual management, team-building that we specifically developed for the Services sector.
  • To involve and to develop your potentials and resources for a real change.
  • To commit your employees into your continuous change activities.

NPS* :  Net Promoting Score

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Project certifying Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Services

Repeated annual profit above €360k

Lean Services Approach


Lead Time reduced by 45%

Problems Solving Project

15 managers trained / satisfaction rate above 96%

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