Simplify your Organisation and your Processes

Simplify your Organisation and your Processes

You’ll notice inertia, lack of responsiveness and sometimes, information and responses to customers which are in contradiction with your priorities or your culture.  Sometimes this is a painful  acknowledgement… But let’s go beyond this to find solutions.
A company can always improve its teamwork, structure, and processes… We haven’t seen a company where simplification will not deliver significant improvements.  You want more individual efficiency to achieve better collective efficiencies ? You dream of simplication, overhaul for more responsiveness, creativity and added value.
« Less is more ». – this is the spirit of Lean. Reduced loss for more added value. Did you know that in any company, for  an average of 1,000 working hours only one hour is dedicated to added value ? With this figure in mind, you can be certain that by making this kind of change, you will, step-by-step, liberate your company and achieve results. We will work with you to review your processes comparing them to best practice from the historical Toyota approach to the current Lean Start Up approach.
Our goal : to help you achieve your potential.

In practice:

  • You either want to build a new system from scratch
  • Or we’ll review your key processes and assist in removing those that aren’t adding value and rebuilding them so they do.

In accordance with the Kaizen* approach, we’ll do this with the full involvement of your teams to ensure the involvement of everyone in the business.
* Kaizen: Kai = change, Zen = better. Continuous improvement approach

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