SMEs and industrial SOHOs or service companies have to face big changes in markets, with increasingly strong requirements from customers. Capability to adapt has become a key factor to survive but also opportunities for growth.

You heard about Lean Manufacturing, Lean Office, Lean engineering or even Excellence System at successful customers’ or competitors ’.

You are concerned with generating cash, price reduction required by customers, difficulties to increase your production capability to cope with orders or delay reduction. Thus your competitiveness is challenged.

Thanks to our consultants and coaches with strong worldwide references in Lean or Lean Six Sigma and real partnerships developed with SMEs they support, we have designed a special offer for SMEs, even SOHOs and Start-Ups.

This offer enables us to build with u a global and innovating customized approach or a sharing experiences giving you access to the best practices.

Together we can design the approach which suits you best to :

  • Master worldwide references which often bring over 50% gain in results (security, quality, efficiency, productivity,…).
  • Be as competitive as the low-cost countries with no extra robotization or reduction in operational margin.
  • Enable you to invest in order to growth your turnover
  • Support your teams to go through these change steps with a unique approach coupling projects/actions (Just-In-Time, Auto-Quality, Autonomous Teams) and individual and group coaching/mentoring.

Our Customers are our Best Ambassadors

Discover their Feedbacks

Global Approach towards Excellence

Customers’ returns divided by 5, processing costs divided by 6

Just-In-Time Approach for Factory + Autoquality

OTD improved from 73% to 90%, delays decreased from 130 days to 45 days

Flows and Quality Support

Non-compliance decreased by 75% and leadtime divided by 3

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