Address conflicts and crisess

Address conflicts and crisess

Address conflicts and crisess 1300 725 Progress Partners

Resolve relational situations that inhibit operational efficiency

The strategic vision that you pursue drives you to innovate, to cooperate, to collaborate and to manage by subsidiarity: in other: having relationships.

Everyone thus takes the risque de créer de l’efficacité, but also understanding and disagreement, which strains operational mechanisms, or even hinders them.

Focus on the relational process

Today, it is up to your managers and the HR office to settle these questions; even though they are often poorly equipped after years during which leaving all states of mind and all emotion in the locker room was recommended

What we offer you

We suggest that you wait no longer to deal with these situations and thus regain the focus and the workforce necessary for creating added value for your business.

Through timely interventions or interventions over time, always aligned with your constructive intent, we support your organization and its employees in building up relational skills. Daring to speak up, expressing your points of view, even the contrary ones, challenging, giving feedback, listening, and thus defusing or settling most of the conflicts that incapacitate your company.

By being focused on the relational process more than on content, we help you break deadlock, establish proper distance, and get back to work through:

Mediation for listening to each other and then finding an agreement, or not…

Pair coaching for taking responsibility for the relationship together in support of the operations

Team coaching for facilitating interactions with people we have not chosen

Mentoring for increasing relational skills through the cultural prism of the company

Would you like to resolve relational situations
that hamper operational efficiency?

Sandrine Salaün

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