Agile system development support

Agile system development support

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Agile organization in support of express innovation

In today’s uncertain world, agility is the new paradigm of performance management: that ability to adapt that makes it possible for you to spot the changes that affect your market quickly and to take advantage of them.

Agile absorption, as a supplement, makes it possible to identify and seize opportunities while maintaining the structural mass necessary for the company to prosper.

Agile performance management  and speed of execution should be an organizational priority for 79% of executives while 63% of corporate cultures are at odds with these principles.

What we offer you:

A shared vision of the 3 components: operational agility, portfolio agility, strategic agility

A simplified, faster, inverted pyramid management system based on short feedback loops

Provide teams with the means to manage projects as needs change: flexibility, autonomy and project platforms.

An organization adapted from our historical references Toyota, GE, ING, Spotify and Google.

Co-construction of your agile system and implementation within the organization on a pilot scope.

Would you like to implement agile organization
in support of express innovation?

Florence Loncle

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