Line control 4.0

Line control 4.0

Line control 4.0 864 360 Progress Partners

Operator 4.0 is the guarantee of customer satisfaction and operational performance

The move to Industry 4.0 takes automation to the next level. New technologies allow simplified access to data and real-time management of production lines.

The operator who runs the means of production and monitors, analyzes and improves them, is the guarantee of customer satisfaction and operational performance.

Picomto is the digital work instruction solution that allows you to deliver the right information at the right time to the right person.

Picomto support (6 months)

Progress Partners support

Tailor-made support from Progress Partners and Picomto

Access to a Picomto license: 2 developers / 10 readers / 1 remote expert account

Set up – Maintenance – Functional developments – Hosting and outsourcing support 7/7 H24

Project management

Dedicated APPS: Android iOS App for RealWear augmented reality headset

Facilitation of a line control project (2 to 3 months)

Line start and stop standards

Operational standards for line management and change

Operational adjustment standards

Adjustment standards

The reasons to trust us

Develop the skills of your operators
(At start-up and in line management, in decision-making and in equipment familiarity)

A system of support for operators by support professionals

Better performance related to line control

Still not convinced?

We are offering you the opportunity to digitize one of your work instructions for free

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