Performance Management 4.0

Performance Management 4.0

Performance Management 4.0 823 360 Progress Partners

Successfully implement a digital solution that accelerates performance management, problem solving and field visits

Managing performance is a key focus of Excellence initiatives.
Defining performance and measuring it is one thing. Improving it successfully is better!

However, this requires developing new skills for managers to get their teams on board in this progress dynamic: technical skills (Lean tools and methods), relational and managerial skills.

Shizen is the digital solution for transforming your business concretely on a daily basis and creating performance.

Why choose Shizen?

From our point of view, it is a digital solution:

In support of Gemba

Easy to use for operational staff

Immediate installation (“plug & play”)

Promoting problem solving and decision making at the right level to improve performance

That guides teams in Lean methodologies and develops skills

A tailor-made pack

Not convinced yet?

We are offering you the possibility to try out the Shizen solution for 3 months!

Would you like to know more about our pack?

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