Supply Chain – Distribution

The Supply Chain stands between service to customers and optimisation and arbitration between costs and inventories. In an heightened competitive environment where life cycles of products are shortened and responsiveness to the market is the key.

You have to face various challenges :

  • An ever-volatile demand
  • A reduction of margins
  • An acceleration of innovation cycles
  • A reduction of cycles duration

We support you in your company change from the challenges evaluation to the implementation of all levers for operational performance :

  • Implementation of a « Just-In-Time » organisation takt on customer with readable flows and a reduction in inventories and work in progress
  • Increase in agility thanks to leadtime reduction, with at the latest differentiation
  • Improvement of organisations and equipments flexibility
  • Control of components supplies and  sub-assemblies
  • Optimisation and synchronization of global flows overall the Supply Chain
  • QCT (Quality-Cost-Delivery) performance of your suppliersa Supply-Chain

Our Customers are our Best Ambassadors

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Supply Chain Processing Programme

Leadtime divided by 2

Plant VSM + Just-In-Time Project

Flow time shifted from 3 months to 3 weeks / Real productivity 50%

Global Support

Leadtime reduced by 25%, OTD to 99.9%

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