The innovative and performing company you will need tomorrow cannot be built on the skills of yesterday. Training a person is a mutual commitment ensuring that the new skills acquired will be implemented and then transmitted into the company. Let’s train properly!

For example, in your company, who is able to effectively solve problems? That is to say to put a structured analysis to eradicate the problem immediately and forever? Let’s go further, how many people should master this skill to boost your customer image or the quality of your products? We can offer you two complementary training paths for your teams.

1- Global training sessions with 3 available courses :


Four certification levels are available. As we find in Judo, coloured belts reward these certification awards: Yellow, Green, Black, Master Black

2- Training courses for development of expertise or skill in a particular area :

Recognised Training and Certifications

All our training sessions result in recognised certification and can be financed through the CPF (Compte Personnel de Formation: a French public system to finance continuing education), or through OPCA (Organisme Paritaire Collecteur Agréé), FAFIEC (Fond d’Assurance Formation Ingénierie et Conseil), Pôle Emploi (French agency for employment) or even through your company training budget.

We are IASSC certified (International Association for Six Sigma Certification), thus our certification is recognised globally.  IASSC is the only international body offering impartial evaluations for Lean Six Sigma certification guaranteeing the knowledge and skills acquisition required by companies.

Proven Training

For more than 15 years, we have helped our customers in their transformation processes with the constant desire to encourage ownership by the teams in place and the development of people.

Based on our experience we built our training based on game and role-play situations.

Contact us for any further information regarding our catalogue of or to arrange an appointment for an on site visit with one of our coaches. With you, the coach will identify the most appropriate Training HR solutions for your challenges.

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