Progress Partners is a consulting company founded by consultants from leading global companies. We specialise in the implementation of continuous improvement systems. Our ambition is to allow companies of all sizes and in any sector to achieve high performance and to continuously improve. We have the expertise to enable this kind of change.

Toyota, our reference, proves that this systematic approach to questioning and challenging is the key for success. Implementing a continuous improvement approach is the path to excellence. Using our methods, widely inspired by the Toyota Production System, we have a variety of solutions available.  Audit, Counseling, Training, all our solutions are adapted to your challenges, environment and teams.

A 4-pillar strategy :

  • Change Management

A tailor-made customers approach

  • Progress System

A world-renowned  master of Lean, Kaizen, Six Sigma…

  • Team Development

Fostering ownership and mobilizing for action

  • Culture of Excellence

Relentlessly pursuing excellence

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