Active training

Work on your skills, develop your talents

Develop people and team skills

To implement rapid continuous improvement initiatives and ensure their sustainability, we rely on the development of people skills. This takes place in particular through:

Academic and technical learning

Concrete implementation of solutions to your business problems directly impacting your performance

Ongoing experimentation as an educational vehicle

The development of your soft skills through the intervention of our ICF certified coaches

The advantages of Progress Partners training

Boost Effect

Businesses > Strengthen people’s performance.

Applicants, employees > Improve your employability.


 A recognized diploma, opt for the Lean Six Sigma certification: yellow, green, black belt


Our training includes the intervention of an ICF* certified coach to provide in-depth support for the improvement process.

*International Coach Federation 


Funding from your OPCO, with your personal PFC Training account, with FNE-Trainings; Datadock referenced .

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