Our Approach: Tailor-made support

“Step by step support”

To support you in your PROJECTS and your DEVELOPMENT, we have developed a simple and effective method.

Whatever the size of your company, your line of business or your needs, we bring you a different perspective on your company, a step back, strategic support to structure and lead the changes.

For this, we offer you tailor-made support, from our first contact until the completion of your project.

Progress Partners support

1 > Meeting

Getting to know each other

On your turf, in order to understand who you are, what your story is.
Define your challenges, objectives, targets, pilot project areas.

2 > Current situation


A factual and structured observation. With full objectivity and goodwill, we prepare precise details of your situation.

Together, we will build a roadmap corresponding to your needs

3 > Strategy



Co-construct the meaning and the initial activities of the transformation with the management team.

Agree on the pioneering teams, the management methods, and the managers involved.

CHALLENGE past habits, with strength and goodwill.

4 > Support



Cross levels in all areas useful for:

  • Being able to solve complex problems
  • Satisfied customers
  • Reorganized areas
  • Controlled processes
  • New “know-how” acquired
  • Teams mastering their subjects

5 > Key Target

Towards autonomy

We put ourselves in a self-construction process. You will develop internal skills.

Skills that will transform your entire business, your suppliers and your relationships with your customers step by step.

6 > Purpose


Together we will build a lasting internal organization that challenges traditional systems with the key: continuous progress and innovation creating new opportunities.

Our Commitment

What we are going to DO with YOU will help you achieve autonomy

And if we are continuing our support to our customers, for more than 10 years for some of them, it is for no means to redo the same thing twice. But to continue to stimulate the system of progress, help them to take the next steps with the ambition of one day becoming Dantotsu*.

*Continuously strive to be the best of the best. Benchmarking is outdated. Intimate knowledge of your company, customers and the market to outperform the competition.