An all-terrain team
Profoundly human

Women and men in the field

Progress Partners is a team of enthusiasts, men and women, willingly rigorous, naturally compassionate. We like to bring about change, in innovation, organization, management. And we want to keep this same mindset, this same dynamic internally to develop our services and be as relevant as possible by your side.

Interested in Progress Partners?

You have strong human values, you want to progress every day…
You are motivated to join our team:

They joined the P2 Ecosystem

Because we incubate startups, because they invest in themselves and sometimes invest, because they have a certain idea of the company, because they are close to us … All these people gravitate around and towards Progress Partners.

Would you like to join the Ecosystem?

You have a project related to innovation, Lean, the transformation of People.
You would like to be supported in the creation of your startup.
You would like to contribute your know-know, your financing or joined the active support of startups: