Philippe REMY

Founder of Progress Partners

For more than 15 years, Philippe has worked with companies in various industries : automotive industry, aeronautics, electronics, agri-food industry, logistics… His aim is is to generate changes for efficient and sustainable transformations based on Kaizen and Lean approaches. Philippe has partcular expertise in flow, policy deployment and process design. Previously, he was a Consultant at the Kaizen® Institute for 9 years.  After 4 years as a senior consultant, he became director of development. During these years, Kaizen® Institute France became the leader, in terms of expertise and turnover, among all the global teams. Before moving to the Kaizen® Institute, Philippe was the director of a manufacturing site in the printing sector in charge of industrial projects in the petrochemicals and food industries.

Patrick HANSER

Senior Consultant and Partner –TPM Expert

Since 2005, Patrick has been assisting industrial management in defining short, medium and long-term improvement plans. He works in the metallurgical, automotive, chemical and aeronautics industries where he supports the teams responsible for managing improvement projects, particularly in the areas of process design and TPM.
Prior to that, he was Director of Operations for a digital set-top production plant at Thomson after being responsible for continuous improvement of two plants and SBU Television’s TPM expert from 1999 to 2002. From 1993 to 1999, Patrick assumed responsibility for service within the Valeo Group. During the previous ten years, he was a manager of a small and medium-sized company producing control equipment for hostile environments.

Christelle VANDRILLE

IFC Qualified Coach

Following a career as project manager in JCD Conseil – Public Events, Christelle founded the consulting and coaching firm Com’ Nyima in 2006. Combining her expertise in communication, HR, coaching and her passion for improvisational theatre; she organises events supporting management teams and directors in defining their challenges. More specifically, she works on the development of individual potential within the team. She also works within universities coaching students pursuing a Masters.

Christelle co-wrote « Libérer la parole dans l’entreprise », published in May 2015, ESF, Formation permanente publishing. She chairs conferences and workshops on « Daring to Speak ».

Matthieu HELAS

Associate Senior Consultant – Expert in Global Processing and Management Systems

For 12 years, Matthieu held various operational management positions, notably at Autoliv, an automotive supplier, as a Project Manager in the development of new production facilities, Production Manager, Logistics Manager, ERP Project Manager. In these roles, he had the opportunity to work with his teams and put continuous improvement into practice on a daily basis. He implemented the Just-In-Time, Autoquality and TPM methodologies (in 2003 he was awarded the PM Prize by JIPM). Passionate about Kaizen, he was trained in Japan (JUSE) and Total Quality Management (TQM) qualified in 2008.

For nearly 10 years, he has been helping SMEs and large companies improve: transformation of the supply chain; and  the evolution of participatory management serving operational. He has worked in change management, and continuous improvement.  After 20 years of working with Kaizen, he is still passionate about the challenges his customers’ operational teams and managers face.


Associate Senior Consultant Quality Expert – Lean Six Sigma, Black Belt Master

Pascal was a Manager of the Lean Supply Chain Deployment at Nestlé France (30 factories) where, over the course of 1 year, he refined his expertise in flow and problem-solving (Six Sigma DMAIC reference for the French market). For the 5 years prior to this, Pascal worked in the automotive industry at Autoliv. During three and a half years, he supervised the deployment of Lean Manufacturing in a APU (250 people). He was able to consolidate his experience in TPM (winning the PM Prize awarded by the JIPM), Auto-Quality, 6 sigma and line.  Prior to this, he spent a year and a half as a Lean Manager in Southeast Asia. He trained local Lean Managers and monitored the Lean deployment in factories (5 countries). Previously Pascal worked for 3 years for Yves Rocher as an Engineer specialized in Industrial Methods and Continuous Improvement

Michaela Brill-Duquesnoy

IFC Certified Coach

Michaela has worked internationally for more than ten years as a cross-functional and operational manager in various communication departments, particularly at PSA. She supports change in large projects and enables interaction and communication between divisions, departments and subsidiairies. She specializes in supporting management, organizational and cultural transformations and intervenes with managers and their teams in the context of mergers, acquisitions and internal restructuring.

In her work Michaela is inspired by the approaches such as Systems, Gestalt psychology and Transactional Analysis and is MBTI qualified. Michaela helps to identify and explore individual and team practices, values and beliefs in order to construct new ways of functioning to the benefit of all and achieve sustainable performance in environments of increasing complexity.


Associate Senior Consultant– Lean Services and Lean R&D Expert – Lean Six Sigma, Black Belt Master – IASSC Qualified

For 20 years, Cyril has developed his expertise through operational positions in the Industrial, Quality and R & D departments, particularly in the automotive sector. Trained in Japan (JUSE) he became an expert on TQM and Jikotei Kanketsu, working on several projects with TOYOTA teams. In 2002, he became MBB LSS qualified. Cyril has been a consultant for more than 10 years and worked at Accenture. He manages transformations for organisations and teams in different sectors of the Service industry. For 5 years Cyril has been working at Progess Partners. He is passionate about supporting people in organisations and leads the development of Lean R&D and Lean Services. Accredited IASSC trainer, his capacities as trainer and coach have enabled him to certify more than 100 Black Belt LSS and 250 Green and Yellow Belt in addition to Black Belt Master.


Senior Consultant – Master Black Belt Lean Expert

For 30 years, Eric has developed his expertise in managing operational teams, managing production, sales, general management and consulting, both in France and abroad.
Consultant for 18 years at the Kaizen Institute, he has mastered all the methods related to the improvement of people and performance in multi-cultural and multi-sectoral environments (automotive, electronics, agri-food, energy, logistics, process).
He also has solid experience in managing and coordinating progress in international groups.

Florence LONCLE

Coach Qualified in Master of Business Coaching

During her international research and development career at Procter & Gamble and Danone, Florence has led major innovation programs and led significant transformations in her organizations. Her creativity, leadership and personal mastery in the development of innovative and multicultural organizations have made her stand out for her in-house coaching skills. Today, she supports managers and their organisations in achieving successful transformations. She pays a specific attention to individual potential and to the increasing of the collective consciousness.
She is specialized in: leadership deployment, the development of learning organisations (she attended the Peter Senge’s Master Class), and innovation during change. Florence maintains a passion for managerial innovation, and intervenes in particular with pioneering organizations engaged in the emergence of new models of organization and management. Florence is co-founder of the Life Tank AIR (Alliance for Relational Innovation).

François RENAUD

Senior Consultant – Master Black Belt Lean Expert

For over 10 years, François has helped organizations define and implement short, medium and long-term improvement plans. In particular, he works with the pharmaceutical, metallurgical, automotive and aeronautics industries, where he trains the teams in charge of the improvement projects. He is passionate about supporting companies, key accounts and SMEs in their transformation process, specialising in the human aspect of driving change.
As an enthusiast design engineer, he also helps technical centres and R&D departments, particularly with Lean Engineering and Factory Design.
Prior to this, François was Project Manager and Continuous Improvement Manager for Valeo. Over his 11 years spent there, he attended the famous « Ecole 5 Axes », the home of Lean for the automotive sector.


Senior Consultant – Master Black Belt Lean Expert

For 14 years Eric worked in the concrete implementation of the change management. This allowed him to acquire particular expertise in supporting companies in their approach to progress. With 140 projects in 30 companies, he trains and coaches operations teams in their transformation plan, coordinates ongoing improvement projects and supports their deployment. He is specialized in radical improvement of flow, 5S, or problem-solving processes. In his work with customers, he designs the TPM implementation and supports the management in on-site collaborative management methods.
From the space and aeronautics sector, he has also held the position of head of a production unit.


Senior Consultant – Master Black Belt Lean Expert

Jacques has over 14 years of experience in deploying improvement and change management processes. He works with large companies and SMEs, in pharmaceuticals, electronics, aeronautics as well as with start-ups in their improvement processes. Jacques previously held various positions in operations and in consulting.
He was recently appointed Supply-Chain and Lean Director of the Parisot Group and trained by Toyota alumni. Jacques worked for 7 years as consultant for RWD and AdAct-Consulting, where he refined Lean Engineering. As Lean Manager for COMBEL, he is involved in the rehabilitation of the site and implements Lean in services, or JIT within the GSK and MOTOROLA Electronique Automobile groups.


Sales Assistant, Training Consultant

Joy has been working for nearly 10 years in records management and administration. Customer satisfaction is key for her. She has a Degree in Applied Foreing Languages, English-German and a BTS (Certificate) in management. She is specialized in commerce, training and human resources.


Sales Assistant, Training Consultant

Elsa worked 8 years in commerce, e-commerce and marketing. She has a IAA Master II in Marketing-Management. She is specialized in business, marketing and training.