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At Progress Partners, we are used to saying that we are breaking down silos to spread agility on a large scale and invent the entrepreneurship of the future. We have forged strong ties with companies with whom we share a similar set of values. These companies that we are pleased to call partners are like us convinced that tamed digitalization is a great tool at the service of people and sustainable performance within an organization.


Digital Ecosytem

Leancure is a flexible and autonomous solution that displays productivity in real time and records all “parasitic” events that pollute a production line.

Convergence 5.0

Take the shortest path to Operationnal Excellence with Convergence 5.0

5 specialists join forces to offer you a modular, incremental and integrated alternative to traditional transformation approaches, making people the focus of the process.

Notre mission : to enable you to generate 30% industrial performance in 18 months thanks to the complementarity of our solutions.

  • LEANCURE : real-time control of production processes
  • INUSE : integrated AIoT and low code platform
  • PROGRESS PARTNERS : lean transformation consulting firm
  • SHIZEN : digital performance management solution
  • PICOMTO : digital instruction and assistance

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