Innovate in the art of innovating

Structure and bring out radically new ideas to the market

INNOVATE: saying it is good, doing it is…


Your issue is not whether it is necessary to innovate or not!

Your current existence, your positions in your markets are the result of past innovations on your model, your offers, the experience you offer. There are 10 types of innovations without counting the powerful combinations possible.

Your challenge is therefore to make ideas, products and offers emerge more often, more quickly, more qualitatively.

This is where we come in BECAUSE innovation is the third and final level that makes it possible for a company to be successful. A paradox, the first 2 phases aim to lay down structures, organizations, master plans and improve and refine them. Innovation shakes up everything, breaks up to rebuild better, as our friend Schumpeter mentions: “creative destruction”.

SO, your challenges are surely:

  • Win, with +40% new offers per year
  • Surprise, by being twice as fast in developing a product
  • Satisfy the market and customers immediatly with well-designed products and prototypes

But the most essential thing is not yet there in this open world, in total transformation, eager for change.

Because it will be necessary to: Have the craziest ideas, Integrate the external to win; Show resilience in the face of all inertia and blockages coming in from all sides and at any time.

A Good trip !

Our Innovation Process

advantage of our support

  • Reduce the time spent on the stages of your process while improving quality
  • Innovate to create profits and not just income
  • Reduce and control your costs
  • Be crazy, be game-changing, but get RESULTS above all
  • A compassionate and attentive partner, we work together at every stage of your project
  • Our past experiences at your service: 80% of startups incubated with us are viable

Why trust us ?

We help you knock down human resistance through our know-how and the implementation of good practices. With us, you get out of project mode and enter agile mode.

With us, every phase, every support for your teams is a sprint, a new challenge.

Our field expertise, our teams, our experiences are used for this.

We therefore focus on:

Short cycles
multiple iterations

Openness, inspiration and even adopting external solutions

data oriented
points of measurement

everyone’s involvement
and empowerment

Do you want to innovate in your ability to innovate?
Instill a culture of innovation and idea sparks?

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