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Would you like to develop your project, whether it has already been created or is in the planning stage? Come into the Progress Partners ecosystem. Our team can help you grow your project, speed it up with a friendly approach, high standards and quality.

With our strong experience and our field expertise, we will support you, together and quickly, in building the product you want to make a success.

Five reasons to trust us:

Establish a requirement for deliverable results

Solid and recognized historical roots

Long-term support, from the ideation phase to after-sales service

Meeting the market with you

Switch from the startup mode to the sustainable business mode

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Make Lean simple and accessible to everyone

“Our mission is to improve the performance of companies by facilitating the rollout of Operational Excellence approaches and ensuring their sustainability over time.”

For this, we have created a digital solution that provides a real methodological contribution. Users have a mini expert at their disposal who will guide and advise them on their performance improvement activities.”

Why join the Progress Partners Ecosystem?

“We have chosen to be supported by Progress Partners for their cutting-edge, in-depth  expertise in progress approaches. The team clearly convinced us with its internal structure, its customer experience, its ability to help us find customers and create turnover.”

If you would like to learn more about Shizen, feel free to visit their website:

Goal: Digitizing recruitment methodology

“Uman Pulse was designed on the belief that making wise career choices depends on knowing yourself well. Knowing and understanding your personality and motivations are essential elements for success and happiness.

Nowadays, the success of a business, of a start-up depends on the right person.

We help professionals and companies to match the “right” talent with the “right” opportunity through an approach that is no longer based solely on Hard Skills, but above all on their personality and their ability to unleash their Talent.

Uman Pulse aims to provide the most advanced scientific and quantitative techniques in professional suitability, because we believe that the future depends on everyone’s success”

Why join the Progress Partners Ecosystem?

“I wanted to combine an operational approach and human support. I found a team sharing the same human values that nurtures the joy of creating and sharing.

Progress Partners provides me with its expertise, its precision, its methodology in consulting and coaching, and guides me furthermore towards a fair vision of the business”.

If you would like to know more about Uman Pulse, fell free to visit their website :