In our experience, we find that In our experience, we find that

Our customers have two main types of expectations or needs :

Local Need

I am looking for immediate performance. In a few weeks, our team needs to adopt new ways of doing things so we can overcome blockages and current recurring issues.

We need achieve speed and learn the right methods during this time. The economic stakes are important: ensuring a motivated and effective team is fundamental. Only an external, experienced, neutral and caring consultant can provide this.


A Global Need

I want to overhaul an important part of my company. I know the medium-term objectives, 9 to 24 months.

I know this will change processes in the company and everybody should be involved. I need a structured and strong support to meet these human, organizational and technical challenges.

The Progress Partners Expertise The Progress Partners Expertise

« Our improvement approaches bring rapid change. We are with you on the ground helping your through key steps to change habits and behaviours and bring results.

We help our customers to establish their own progress system, continuously improve their ways of doing business and thus ensure they achieve world-class performances. »

Nous agissons sur 4 leviers :

Support for Change


The implementation of an approach, proven by our numerous experiments, which take into account your features and culture. This allows you to quickly and sustainably  change the way your business operates and performs. You develop skills and autonomy with each step, as does the enthusiasm of your team.

Control in the Improvement Systems


Robust and pragmatic control of methods: Kaizen, Lean, 6 Sigma.

Culture of Excellence


Ambition and demand are the levers of change: to target and achieve ambitious objectives to demonstrate to the company that rapid and outstanding results are achievable.

The ultimate target is world-class performance. You can then control your business processes and your own system of excellence and change.

Team Development


All resources are mobilized thanks to goodwill, development of new skills and the creation of new fields of action that make it possible to free up the talents of people and teams.

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