PI Incubator

Incubate differently

PI : The first Startup Studio incubator devoted to business performance and transition

The PI incubator is a space in the heart of Paris where you will find :

  • Entrepreneurs developing their projects
  • A lot of creativity
  • Collaborations with French and foreign startups
  • Innovation processes, etc. Innovative
  • Switch from the startup mode to the sustainable business mode
  • Large companies launching products that will really reach their customers
  • Small French, European, and foreign companies who have the ambition to conquer the world
  • A state of mind of sharing, challenging and seeking one’s greatest potential
  • Very different profiles to help and support the success of all these teams
  • A place for teams that allows openness, creativity and performance

At whom is the PI incubator aimed?

You are… Join!

    • We invest seed capital in 3 to 5 projects per year
    • We have resources and methods that can help you be successful
    • We love products that appeal to customers and we know how to support you
    • Your product is good! So go on an inexpensive adventure BUT with strong prospects for rollout.
    • You immediately have all the resources available for your development in France/Europe
    • You only risk…succeeding in your new markets
    • Release products that are faster, more relevant, more game-changing and above all… that work, are pleasing, and are appealing
    • Our facilities, our teams, the diversity of people and our 3/6/9 programs are made for this
    • Let your teams have …an air bubble, to recompose themselves somewhere else. Let them have performance, creativity
    • Even better…and in addition, you will do it at the lowest cost with our historical mastery of Lean Design, DFSS
    • You want to get out of factories, processes and avant-garde products
    • Use our Factory design approaches so that the low cost is… local