Factory Design 4.0

Factory Design 4.0

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Lay out a master plan for Flows focused on Added Value

The design of your factory in terms of flow is essential if you would like to have a real competitive advantage over your market.

To do this, it is necessary to speed up your flows, to be responsive and flexible regarding increasingly volatile market demand.

Rethinking the master plan of your flows comprehensively is also a major performance lever.

Yes, I think you’ve got the picture. In this context of reindustrialization, it is imperative for you to position yourself in order to create a real competitive advantage over your competitors

The “Factory Design 4.0” approach makes it possible to challenge the design mode of our factories, by laying out a master plan for flow focused on Added Value.

We adopt a “Project” approach, impacting and challenging “traditional” ways of designing factories.

In 3-4 months, we present the design of your future factory.

What we offer you

Build target implementation plans by integration all Lean concepts, Process specifications and Safety and Quality compliances issues

Optimize flows to reduce overall flow time

Supply and shipping flow, with reduction and control of stocks – Production flow – Flow of people and teams

Rationalize Zoning

Optimize resources

Uses – Sharing operators between equipment – Balancing added value tasks and defining target capacities

Model, digitally simulate and optimize your production system through the creation of digital twin with the ``Plant Simulation`` tool by Siemens®

Integrate the management system

Performance management areas – Implementation of autonomous andon management teams / integration of digitization

Reduce CAPEX investments and OPEX operating costs

Define the transformation plan over a 12-18-24 month timeframe and the investment roadmap

Still not convince?

We are offering you the opportunity to take stock of your situation for free with one of our experts!

Would you like to know more about ouf Factory Design 4.0 approach?

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