Develop managerial posture

Develop managerial posture

Develop managerial posture 1200 675 Progress Partners

Team manager in Operational & Relational Excellence

The success and sustainability of the transformation brought about by operational excellence initiatives lie largely within the managers’ purview.

Because if the steps are properly driven by the leaders, it is both a matter of managerial transformation and also a transformation undertaken by the managers themselves.

Change managerial posture and behaviors

To do this, you want to see the posture and behavior of your MANAGERS evolve towards more leadership, more responsibility, more presence in the field, more team development.

You need more autonomous TEAMS who work in synergy better than in silos, and to motivate them, managers who make room for emotions and use the relationship as a managerial tool.

What we offer you

We build a tailor-made managerial support system with you specifically dedicated to the support and implementation of Operational Excellence initiatives and that can link:

Individual manager coaching

Team or pair coaching



Joint development workshops

Operational & Relational Excellence manager training – trainings with certifications

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 Operational and Relational Excellence?

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