Encourage innovative, invigorating management

Encourage innovative, invigorating management

Encourage innovative, invigorating management 300 168 Progress Partners Conseil

Promote a new beginning

Experience the emergence of new possibilities, awareness of your challenges and innovation practices to succeed in innovating your innovation practice.

Refine your innovation challenge and recreate a culture that creates cooperation and serendipity at the right level.

Act as a strategist to: formalize your critical questions, make management choices at the right level, structure the deliverables of an innovation path, build the relevant team distributions.

What we offer you:

Experience with your team a 3 phase path: divergence, emergence, convergence, to try out our culture of innovation by starting from your specific questions and challenges

Let the complexity of your challenge emerge and create new awareness, then with the emergence and the new perspectives, formalize the high-stakes elements of your path to succeed in innovating differently.

Build an ethical and pragmatic leadership and management pact – establish an invigorating experience to breathe a stimulating and inspirational breath of air into your journey of innovation

Florence Loncle

Would you like to breath new life
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