Create with and for your customers

Create with and for your customers

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From the customer's voice to the customer's experience

No innovation and survival is possible without consideration for the customer, especially in a growing digital context. In the successive crises we are experiencing in particular, it is necessary to prioritize well and be impactful for all initiatives: focus on its Added Value. Beyond our observation that we have constantly repeated for more than 10 years: everyone says it, but there are few who actually practice it and make the most of it for their organizations!

Switch from the. product orientation mode to the  “Market In”   orientation mode and embed it in the managerial culture.  No longer thinking in customers’ place but knowing how to gather VOC, satisfaction levels, observing behaviors, experiences, customer journeys, certainly requires tools, but processes and a flawless management system above all.

What we offer you:

An inventory in the form of a specific and shared diagnosis, a factual assessment of the existing system.

We create the Market In map of your organization and the related rating.

On the basis of this gold mine, we co-create your vision and related roadmap with digital lighting of the customer relationship and a docking with your quality system in particular.

We guide you through the short cycle execution of the roadmap, focused on key areas such as: processes, organization, routines, skills, etc…

We measure the results together for your customers, your employees and your shareholders.

Related experience feedback

Create with anf for your customers

« We finally understood the fundamental difference between understanding customer needs and measuring their level of satisfaction. We have implemented a real Customer management system and the results are remarkable! »

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Would you like to switch from «product orientation »
mode to «Market In» orientation mode?

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