Innovate towards Lean 4.0 processes

Innovate towards Lean 4.0 processes

Innovate towards Lean 4.0 processes 1200 651 Progress Partners Conseil

The art of designing an effective and efficient process the first time

Completely innovate and design your process as accurately as possible, focused on the creation of Added Value and adapted to the market – all this while reducing investments significantly.

Whether industrial or administrative, the new process must guarantee the achievement of the requested performance, the desired quality, the availability and the required maintainability.

Involve teams upstream and create real good acting within the process.

Systematically integrate the gold mine of feedback from customers and internal teams to feed the design or redesign.

Intégrer systématiquement la mine d’or des retours d’expériences clients et des équipes internes pour alimenter la conception ou la reconception.

What we offer you:

Develop in 3 months a process that respects the concepts
of the Just In Time innovation.

A design that integrates the product process “couple”, a “Human Machine” perspective and the digital dimension.

Integrate the art of Poka Yoké in support of total customer satisfaction.

Stimulate and test the ability of the process to produce the expectedin terms of Quality-Cost-Time.

Related experience feedback

Process innovation project

«The involvement of our teams and the application of the project mode has made it possible for us to achieve our goals and to remain competitive in this market»

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Would you like to implement
an effective, efficient process the first time around?

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