Identify your innovation system

Identify your innovation system

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Build your progress roadmap in innovation for rapid results

The capacity for innovation of any organization is key to its survival and its prosperity.

55% of CEOs say they are not satisfied with their organization’s ability to innovate. But how to move forward from this observation?
What are the 4 major key dimensions that support innovation?
What are the strengths that you need to cultivate and your areas of progress to address and with what priorities? How do you go about getting fast and remarkable results?

What we offer you:

A shared and factual inventory according to the 4 major dimensions of excellence in innovation, based on our historical and contemporary benchmarks such as the Toyota Product Development System, Fastwork at GE, the Spotify system.

A initial version of a roadmap for building improvement and innovation within your innovation system.

Identified opportunities and related advantages

Related experience feedback

Comprehensive diagnosis of the product development process

“More than 25% of our workforce has contributed to creating this very ambitious roadmap; we believe in it with very good prospects for results. Team involvement and heretofore unseen ambition and the beginning of the structuring of our Agile Product Development Systeme Product Development System”

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Would you like to build your progress roadmap in innovation
for quick results?

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